Real Estate Management and Marketing Software, from which the page, social networks and portals are updated in an integrated and simultaneous manner.

REAL ESTATE is the real estate management system with more than 16 years of experience from which you can fully manage your real estate business. From the offer of real estate (sale and rent), clients, owners, notices to owners, publication in the best real estate portals, the printing of listings and posters for your window, etc... In addition, all your offer will be automatically published on your website and the best real estate portals.

It works in multi-post and multi-user mode, in such a way that each commercial can work freely without having to be in the office quickly and easily.

Comprehensively manage your real estate

  • real estate software
  • Optimized for search engines
  • real estate portals
  • Professional real estate website
  • Updates and technical support

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